Monday, July 13, 2015


Well, this Tuesday I went to San Marcos Santa Barbara! I did divisons with an Elder Qerioz from Boliva. San Marcos is about a 45 minute ride away from Naco. So we spent a lot of time waiting for the bus and then sitting down in it. 
And the from Wednesday until Saturday, these are the things that happened.  Fallen citas and Rain. It was just one of those weeks. 

I feel like we only have a few important citas during the week. That kinda sounds bad, all the citas are important, every lesson is important, but it's a lot more fun to go teach someone that understands the message. We can fill our day up with people that will listen to us, but that does not mean that they will understand us. It´s a lot more fun to help progressing investigators. 

Oh Wednesday in the night we had a ward activity at the bishop's house. We are always in charge of the activity. So we did that and it was pretty fun.

As well Friday night we were walking back to the house when we noticed the lights in our neighborhood are out. There was a large storm and it took out the light in our half of town. So I slept my first night without lights in Honduras. That is bad because it mean no fans. But the storm had brought in some coolness and so it was not too hot at night. The lights came on at 10.30 the next morning. 

We had some new investigators at church, as well we at 50 people yesterday. Elder Sessions says that is the most he as ever seen. 

I think that is it. 

I am sad the Maggie had to be put down this morning. I still have all the memories of her. And I know we will talk fondly of her in the future. She might not be with us physically, but all of our love and memories of her are in our hearts and mind. And all the photos of her on our phones. (Back up the photos)

I am happy that Mike and Shar are getting married this Saturday. I am sad that I am missing out on it but it´s not something you need to delay. Mike just to let you know that because I won't be able to speak in your wedding, you can´t speak in mine! JK you can if you want. . I really am happy for the two of you. Shar I look forward to getting to know you. When we were younger I did not imagine Michael loving any girl because he never talked about girls, he only liked sports, and did homework. And then when we talked on Mother's day Mike was all lovey with Shar.  It was weird to see. I did not think that Mike would do those sorts of things, (This sounds like i am saying Mike did not have a heart, again not what I want to say) but I could really tell that Mike loves Shar.

Okay enough of this lovey dovey stuff!  Be sure to save me some cake, guys. 


Elder Coniam

P.S. Booooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrtt. I´ll miss you Maggie Mae! 
P.S.S. Happy Birthday Brando! ;) There is a letter with your name on it! It´s going to your in-law's house because I don´t know your address.

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