Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Naco, Honduras - Mesa Arizona - Three Rings in marriage

Q. How pretty is Tina after going to the beauty shop?
A: She feels softer.

Q: True or False: Brandon and Michael got pedicures while the girls were at the shower?
A: False. is your new comp?
A. I will tell you more about him in the letter

Q.Is it more countryside than city? More walking?
A. Countryside, less walking

Q.Is it as hot?
A. I am still in Honduras.  

Q.How is the ward?
A. You mean the 20 recent converts that make up the ward...

Q: How much taller are you than me?
A: 7 inches

Q: Did Hazel like the cutout of you? Or did she cry?
A: Yes, she wanted to talk to me

Q: What did Maggie do?
A: Nothing. Smell it

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Blue

Q: When you ask people if they've heard of the Mormon church, what do they usually do? Walk away?
A: No, they just listen 

Q: Are there times when you have a different opening line?
A: Yes, it really just depends.

Q: Do you still knock on doors?
A: We scream or we hit the gate.

Q: Do you still sweat like you did a year ago or are you getting used to it?
A: not sure, maybe its down a little

Q: Do you love cold showers now?
A: There are luke warm showers.   My companion bought a shower heater thing - 600 Limps - it is pretty cool. And I spend more time in the shower now. 

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?
A: nothing. I like orange juice

Q: Have you tried Latino Oreos?
A: They have a weird taste and they are really soft.

So last Monday night I learned that I was going to Naco, I was kinda sad at first.  I knew that Naco was a place known for its difficulties. I remember thinking in the past I hope I don't go to Naco. 

So Naco is small town Honduras... some cool things though is that there is always water, it's easy to spell, and the house is nice. 

I was also told that Elder Sessions would be my companion, I knew who he was, but never really talked to him. We have a lot in common. He is from Mesa, Arizona. We are about the same height. He is the youngest in his family.  He is a month older than me.  He goes home three months before me and is already saying he is going to go to my homecoming. 

We are the first companionship of both gringos here in Naco.  It was opened a year and a few months ago. At first the members went to the church building in Cofradia, but the bishop started renting a house here in Naco. We are the only Melchizedek priesthood holders here. The first counselor is always here on Sundays to preside over the meetings. On this past Sunday we talked and gave the last class. Normally we give the second class as well but we asked someone to do that for us. 

We pay for lunch from some old Evangelical lady. Then every night we eat at the same member's house. She gets upset if we do not show up. 

The house is protected by a large cement wall, constantine wire and an electric fence. ( We don't turn it on because it spends a lot of electricity and we pay the lights) So I feel nice and safe. 

So yeah that is the lowdown. We are teaching some really cool people - I hope that they will progress.

Funny experience in Naco Week One: 
         The bishop's son left in the middle of church with our investigator to go buy chips at a store, but they came back.  It's okay.
         In personal study I found the shell of a bean in my mouth from the night before. I brush my teeth I promise!

Take care guys! 
Mike, it's not too late to change your mind.  There are only three rings in marriage, the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering. You have 18 days to decide! hehehehe JK

Umm I love you all.  We will see about this photos situation. I will try and send some next week! And of the church house!

Love the boy in Naco Honduras (where is that?),
Elder Coniam

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