Monday, July 27, 2015

Noche de Hermaniminto

Q.How are you?
A. Fine.  Burned from the Honduran sun

Q.What did you have to do to get your cook to stay?
A. my comp did it. - not sure what he said

Q.How many at church?
A. 35

Q.  Did you find some money in your box?
A. yes

Q.  What did you buy last Tuesday?    I'm guessing a shower hot water heater.
A. No, I thought I told you shoes... and it was a Monday right, i did not use my card on Tuesday

Q.   Did you top 50 people at church yet?
A.   No.  There are only 50 chairs, so if we have more they wont come back because they had to stand up,

Q: who called JCPenny JasonPenny?
A: Ty-D

Q: how long did it take to get to Douglas with hazel in the car?
A: 7 hours

Well this week was good. We did some service, taught some new people and other stuff.

So last Monday we went to San Pedro, I am not sure if I said that. I bought shoes there and so did my comp. Because there is nothing in naco or cofradia. Tuesday we took the hour bus ride to San Marcos Santa Barabra to do the district meeting. 

Something cool - my area is on the border of two states. So Some days I go to Santa Barabra, there is a river that divides the two states. 

Ummmm Well Wednesday night we had the activity, it is called noche de hermaniminto . We had 35 people there and 9 of them were investigators.  And we did not have to give the class this time.

On Thursday we had to go to the ZLs house in Cofradia to pickup some papers. Well we were not exactly sure were they lived. So we decided that we were going to take a Moto Taxi. Its a Motorcycle Taxi thing. Look it up on google. So we just told the guy to take us to the Mormon missionary's house. We were there in 5 minutes. I just thought that something like that could never happen in the US. 

We have a few baptisms set for this weekend. That is if they pass the interview. We always prepare them but in the end it is up to them. So we hope for the best. 

Two of them are brother and sister. They have been going to church for 6 months now. They were going to get baptized with their mom two months ago, but their mom left to Costa Rica one day. They started to live with member of the church here in Naco. The daughter is 15 and the son is 13. Andrea and Danial are their names. 

The other two are a mother and daughter. She is 28 and her daughter is 8. The same member that brought the kids into her house, gave a book of Mormon to her friend. She started reading it and  then we started to teach her. This Saturday we with the ZLs helped her put up a fence in her back yard. 

Friday we did divisions with the Zls. Elder Sessions left and Elder Lund came her to Naco with me. This was our third time doing divisions together. Probably the last ones as well.  

So I think that it all. Thanks for your letters. I look forward to reading them every week!

No Pictures sorry! Stay safe everyone. Love one another and be patient with one another. 

Love me a lot,
Elder TY-D Coniam

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