Monday, July 20, 2015

Honduran Brownies

Q: did shar change her mind or did they get married?
A: I was thinking that there was of a chance of her backing out...

Q; what did you do Saturday?
A: ate ice cream and cried

Hello Family,  I send you send greetings and salutations from Honduras. 

This week went well. I received my box from the family. The pants fit! I think I will be good until the end of the mission now. I don't need any more clothing. Thank you for the pants.

Well, this week on Tuesday we had interviews with President Dester. Everything went well, he is a really kind person. Sister Dester sent peanut butter brownies for the whole zone, she just makes me so happy! Sometimes that's my favorite part of the interview, Sister Dester's snacks afterwards. 

It was another normal week. Dropping old investigators, finding new ones and helping the other ones progress. We have put some baptism dates with some of these people. During the week the cook lady started to say that she can't cook for us anymore, but we changed her mind. 

One day we had to wait for the fumigator to arrive. We were in the house for 2 hours in the afternoon. But he kills the cockroaches so it is worth it. He is a member that does all the houses for the mission and the other san pedro mission. 

One day we were contacting and we saw a lady doing her daughter's nails on the front porch. We went up to her and asked how much she charges. Jokingly of course, and she responds "Cinco dollars". We laughed. She thought we were not joking. We put a return cita with her. 

On Saturday I bought a whole bunch of ice cream to celebrate the wedding. I ate it alone and cried while thinking about all the fun you guys were having. Just kidding. 

Well on Sunday I have to give a talk again. It's my third one. But at least they notified us a week early this time!

Congrats mike, shar, and brando.


Elder TY-TY 

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