Monday, August 24, 2015

A fan, podium, sound system...

Q: How tired will I be because I actually have to do something today?
A: You should not be tired

Q: How much caffeine should I intake so that I can stay awake this week?
A: Drink a Red Bull

Q: What does Shar want for her birthday?
A: A PS4

Q: How big would you compare Naco to a city in Arizona to? (have we asked you this already?)
A:No - Camp Geronimo  

Q: What is your favorite thing about Naco?
A: The people are very nice. On Saturday the bus driver changed the route to drop us off closer to the church building in San Pedro. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Monday?
A: Playing Soccer.

Well, this week went well. Tuesday We went to Chemelechon for a Multi-Zone conference. I saw a lot of people I had not seen in a long time. It was really fun and informative. 

We did the activity this week at an investigator's house, Sadyn. It went over well. The extension here takes turns sharing books of Mormon. Every week one person gives a book of Mormon to a friend or family member, and then they share their experience and pick the next person to share the book. It seems to work - a lot of people give us references from this activity. 

Thursday, Elder Westerlind from San Marcos came here to be with me. So we waited 3.5 hours that day for buses. San Marcos is pretty alone and there are not too many buses that go there. But when we got to Naco we went to teach the bishop's neighbor. She should get baptized this weekend. 

Friday we went to a progressing investigator's house and started teaching her outside. She sees her friend, who we already know. The friend is totally against the church and just wants to fight with us more than anything. But she get there and completely de-rails the lesson. I got a little angry, and a little more frustrated when she says Dios es Joevha. In the Spanish bible it says jehová a whole bunch of times. Most people believe he is God, but it is really Jesus. We read some of the prophecies in Isaiah to tell her she is wrong. Then she starts going off about the book of Mormon time and time and she has discouraged our investigator and it is really annoying. 

Saturday we went to San Pedro for a multi mission conference. Really only our mission was there, and the conference was over satellite. President Nelson was in Tegucigalpa, and he cracked a lot of jokes and we ate breakfast at McDonald's. 

Sunday we talked. gave the second class, and the last class. We had a meeting with the members in Cofradia and they are going to buy fans, a microphone system and a podium for the extension. So hopefully we can get those things. 

Love you all.  Stay safe.

Love me mucho
Elder Coniam........... 

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