Sunday, August 16, 2015

Month 15 - Crazy!

  Q: How much food did we get to take home from family dinner? 
> A: A whole bunch! 
> Q: How often do I have cookies now? 
> A: Everyday because Shar loves you a lot.
> Q: Do they have scorpions in Honduras? 
> A: Yes, but I have not seen one 
> Q: Today is the first day of school for Deer Valley, do you miss school? 
> A: No jajaja 
> Q: How many days does Brandon have left till he has to go back to school 
> and never has another summer break?! 
> A: None! 


> Q: Should mom and dad get another dog? 
> A: no. 
> Well another week. We sure did a lot of things. 
> Tuesday we had the Zone meeting. We said goodbye to some of the people that 
> were leaving. And the member that made my ring showed up, so I ordered a 
> ring from him again. 

> Wednesday the owner showed up and brought someone to fix the door. We also 
> went to the bishop's house to cut some wood. The ward is trying to raise 
> money to go to the Temple in the Tegucigalpa, they need to raise 10,000 
> limps to rent the bus. They are over half way there now. But they use the 
> wood to cook bread in these big mud ovens. And then they sell the bread in 
> the streets. And then we had our activity that we always do. There  were 40 
> people that showed up and everyone had a good time. We watched a Mormon 
> message, talked about it then we played pictionary. I guess Hondurans have 
> never played it because they got really into it. 
Chuch Building in Naco
> We continued preparing our investigators for their baptisms that will 
> happen this Saturday, and if everything goes well 5 people will be baptized 
> I will tell you more about them next week. 
> On Friday a member from Monti Limar (outside of Naco but still in our area) 
> invited us to eat lunch with her. She is the primary president of the ward 
> and is super cool. I think most primary presidents are super! But anyways 
> she always cook really well, and she went to the DR for her mission. So we 
> talked about that a lot. 
> Saturday my companion did a baptismal interview. We came back and ate lunch 
> in the house and the house owner lady just decided to eat with us. As 
> well she invited her two friends from her church. 

Mission Leader climbing tree for fruit

Real Pineapple
> We forgot to clean the church house on Saturday, so we did a quick cleaning 
> Sunday morning. We had 54 people there. 10 were investigators.  And we only 
> gave the second class.  It was a pretty good Sunday. 
> Today we played soccer in Cofradia with some of the new elders from the 
> zone. And I guess Elder Garrison is in my zone now, but he is in Santa 
> Barbra, which means I am going to see him two times this change. Tell Mike 
> when you see him! 

> Thanks for everything - I love you all very much and I hope you guys have a 
> safe week and I hope you have fun going back to school!!!!!!! 
> hahahahahaaahaha 
> Love me very much 
> Elder Coniam 

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