Monday, August 3, 2015

New lock because...

Let's play a game - what happened to Tyler's house?

Q.  How domestic has Michael become?
A. He got his nails done?

Q.  Who does the laundry, mops, vacuums?
A. The women... the cleaning lady?

Q.   Which movie should mom take me to, Mission Impossible or Jurassic Park whatever it's called?
A.   Mission Impossible

Q.How was your talk?
A. I did not talk this week. 

Q.Did you have a baptism?
A. no, long story

Q.How were your numbers at church?
A. 45, 7 investigators.  Who are you, my Zone Leader?

Q.Any brownies lately?
A. No the same. Hopefully she will bring some soon.

Q: how do the people  survive the heat in Honduras?
A: They sit in front of a fan, or run for shade

Q: do ppl own dogs for pets?
A: yes but they let them run in the street. so they are gross always.

Q: do they have American stores in Naco?
A: haha

Q: what is your fav thing to do on pday?
A: well seeing as playing soccer is the only choice. Playing Soccer. It was fun when we went to San Pedro.

More than anything this was a sad week. Up until Friday it was going well. 

So on Wednesday we had the activity. (I should have taken pictures) We put papers in balloons. On these papers there were different questions some funny and others more serious. So everyone got a balloon and had to pop it and answer their question. 

Thursday night we made baleadas with some new investigators. It's always good when they invite us to eat with them. It shows we have gained their trust. So we always tell people that we can turn the ball of dough into a tortilla. They never believe us, but we really can. Elder Sessions can do it better than me, but we can both do them pretty well. So they said they were going to see if we could really do it. They thought we were joking. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon, and then made some tortillas. 

Friday night we had to set back some baptismal dates. We have 5 baptisms planned for the 15th of August.  As well we are coming to the end of my first change here in Naco. I have been here for a month and a half. 

Saturday at 5:45 PM we returned to the house to grab a DVD for a lesson. Well I go to open up the  gate, and there is no lock on the gate. I knew I had put on the lock. I unlock the front door and see that the back door is open. I go right to where my wallet with my money was and it was gone, my temple recommend, a baseball ticket and a calling card were placed in the same place as my wallet. The next day I realized that they stole my HLJ ring (CTR). I realized it when I saw someone else in church with one.  So it kinda sucks, but those things are replaceable. I also started to walk around with my camera, because the ZLs house in Cofradia got broken into and few cameras were stolen. They did not take my memories.

So they told us to buy a new lock, and the church will reimburse it. So I am going to find the biggest  lock I can, so nobody can break that sucker off. 

Today we played soccer in Quimistan Santa Barbara, but we played in a covered field. Here is a picture,  

Also I participated in a baby blessing on Sunday. My first one. I am also going to send a picture of a lunch we had that was pretty good. Oh and we are not going to continue eating with our cook. 

So thanks for your letters. Stay safe, be sure to lock your doors, or get a gun!

I love you all and will talk you guys next week!

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