Monday, August 24, 2015


Q: Do kids get summer vacation from school in Honduras?
A: Depends.  Some private schools follow the American way, but normal Honduran schools go late Jan until the first week of November

Q: What should we be for Halloween? 
A:  I never was good at that

Q: What do you do to keep yourself sane? Not that being a misisonary is crazy, but you know...
A: I just laugh.

Q: How do I justify getting both Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront in November?
A: One is a RPG the other is a FPS. They are two different types of games, you will enjoy both of them. They remind you of your childhood, and teenage years.

Q.Did all five make it?
A. No - coffee tastes too good...

Q.Did you know you can see your wedding tie in the lock picture you sent? That is one shinny lock.
A. Yes I did that because it looked cool

Q.Guess who I get to watch Little Lady Hazel today?
A.Did you answer your own question, mom?

Q.Are you going to get a new cook?
A.We are doing a lot better than I thought we would, I don't think we will.

Well another week goes by. This week went by pretty fast.

Tuesday we went to our zone meeting. And afterwords we ate some pollo con papas. 

Wednesday we went to a place called Vida nueva. It's part of our area, there is only one active member there, but she gives us references. The thing is that most people  don't want to part with their 20 limps to take a bus ride to Naco from Vida Nueva, so that's why we tend not to work there. 

Thursday we continued helping our investigators, especially the ones that had their interview the next day. That day one of our investigators wanted to give us some food. She had just made dinner, and we were outside talking waiting for the coca-cola a dog enters inside the house. All we hear is a plate shatter.  She thinks it's her kid, but it was the dog - he probably jumped 4 ft to knock off the plate, Three seconds after hearing the plate break, he comes running out with a huge piece of meat in his mouth. The investigator did not even get mad - she just laughed.

Friday I went of my fourth divisions with Elder Lund, but this time in cofradia. They had to do a lot of interviews during the whole day so we just did divisions. Elder Lund's new comp does not know his area so he stayed in his area. 

But we got over there, made lunch, then we left and visited some people. At night we talked to some old guys on the corner of the street. They just have this table they sit at so we talked to them. We ate some huge balades for dinner, and on the way back a member gave us 5 pineapples. We ended the next morning.

Well, in the end Andrea and Daniel passed the interview. They had been going to church for six months, and were going to get baptized with their mom, but the day before their baptism the mom moved to Costa Rica, and left the kids. They moved in with a neighbor/friend/member of the church. The other people have their problems with the word of wisdom. 

Sunday was good as well. 

I think that's all. 

Have fun playing XBOX ONE without me.  I sure know that Shar will make us a lot of cookies when we are playing at your house! 

Enjoy school, work, and teaching. Your work is never finished! Be happy for what you have! Count your blessings name them one by one! Y veras cauntas bendencions de jesus tendras.

Love Elder Coniam

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