Friday, September 18, 2015

Be happy you have a lot to be happy for!

Q: Have you heard about the shootings on I 10?
A: No

Q: How do I stay up tonight to study for my test tomorrow?
A:Red Bull

Q: Is it really weird to write home for you? I know that I kinda felt like ohhh I am just saying the same old crap but we like to hear it!
A:Yes after 15 months it's all the same

Q: Who are you going to vote for, for President?
A: Rand Paul

Q: Do you think It will get cold enough in Honduras to wear that beanie?!
A:  I wore it last year

Q.  Who cleaned the grout at their place?     M or A?
A. Mom

Q.  Who bleached the counters at their place?    M or A?
A. Mike

Q.  Who bleached the shower at their place?   M or A?
A. Alyssa

Q.  Who is the bigger clean freak?   M or A?
A. Alyssa

Q.   Are you ready to be bored to death talking about dental school around the dinner table?
A. No, talking about dental patients will be worse...

Q.  Would you rather pull your eyes out than listen to all that dental school blabber?
A.  Pull my teeth out

Q.  Wouldn't it be better if we had a bunch of new court reporters in the family instead?
A. No, that's just as bad. Guilty Guilty Guilty

This week we were kinda finishing up the change. We dropped people, we found people and we focused on our converts as well.

So Tuesday I was with Elder Castillo from Guatemala. He has 3 Months in the mission. Umm We were in Vida Nueva for the whole day really. We asked a man the was a pastor, if he wanted to get divorced to get remarried to his current girlfriend he said no. He knows a lot, always reads the Book of Mormon and comes to church, but does not want to get married, so we can't do much with him. 

On Wednesday we did the activity, not to many people showed up. This next activity might be tough because it will be the day that my new comp arrives. Wednesday was also Dia del Ñino! So every kid got a new toy, and everyone was breaking piñatas! Lots of CANDY.

Thursday Was normal.

On Friday we went to San Marcos to do an Interview. We spent more time waiting and in a bus than we did when being there but that's okay. 

Saturday we ran out of gas in the mission leader's car, and he went on a bike to go to the gas station. 

Sunday, we visited a new investigator Patty. Patty owns a small store where she sells clothing and makeup and all that girly stuff. She is a single mother of a Special child. He can't do anything, he never learned to walk, and can't even communicate. He sits in a chair all day long. She takes care  of him and of her elderly uncle. She went to church with her friend when she was a teenager a few times. But we asked members if they know her and everyone says she is a wonderful person. She is really open and I really look forward to talking more with her.

Also it rained a lot last night and the lights went out for an hour, so it was not too bad. 

That's all, Elder Sessions has changes. It was really fun being with him, and I am sure I will see him again in Arizona! Time flies.

Stay safe everyone, be happy you have a lot to be happy for!

I love me! Thanks for your letters.

Talk to you next week.


Elder Coñiam    

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