Sunday, September 27, 2015

Changes - New Comp - Zone Cofradia

Elder Nelson - Peoria, Az

Well, the biggest thing that happened this week was changes. They also cut the lights at the house church building... but we are working on that. It was a great surpise for Elder McNeely. 


Elder McNeely - Naco
My sixth gringo companion, Elder McNeely, is from Park City, Utah. He had been in my previous zone in Villanueva so when they said his name, I knew how he was. He has six weeks less than me in the mission.  

I was able to go to San Pedro with the zone, but we almost missed the bus. They were going to notify us when the bus was getting close so that we could go out and wait for the bus. Well, they called late and the bus did not even stop at Naco. So we had to get a bus from Naco to take us to Cofradia. We were really lucky. We took a moto taxi to where  the buses are. Just as one was about to turn the corner to start its route, we stopped it. As well it was one of the few Naco buses that has a place on top to put your luggage. So we got to the bus. Everyone looked mad at us when we got on. I just thougt it was funny. We still made it to San Pedro early so really no harm was done. 

We kinda had a normal week from there on out.  I was just showing him the place and all the investigators and recent converts. 


Q: Who is mom NOT following on instagram?
A: Mom has an instagram...

Q: Why do I like watching the First 48 so much?
A: You should be studying... 

Q: Is Taylor done with his mission? I mean Elder Smith?
A: Hahaha have fun at home!

Q: What is more annoying than BYU winning a couple of football games?
A: U of A winning a couple games

Q.How is your comp? Where is he from?
A. See above

Elder Quiroz - standing on chair
Q.How was church?
A. Only 33 people... 

Q: What do you like most about Honduras? 
A: Most of the people are nice...  

Q: What is your favorite part about being a missionary?
A: There are friends wherever you go, other missionaries, members and non members

Q: Do you think you've changed a lot?
A:  I am skinnier - I should start doing P90x to bulk up.

Q: Do you ever get trunky?
A: What is that word, do you mean baggy

Q.How is the weather there? Is it like a furnace?
A. Furnaces are dry - it's really hot and humid

Q.What is your favorite thing to do on P Day?
A. Write you, my friends and family

Elder Castillo

Zone Cofradia

Q.What do you think about becoming a "Scorpion Killer" when you get home? Our house and your parents house will keep you busy full time!
A. $10.00 each scorpion. I have to works nights so I dont think I am asking too much.

Q.What is the your favorite food there?
A.Good ol eggs and beans... haahaha that food is okay. I like chicken, just like in the united states.  

Okay kinda short today, but that's all. Talk to you latter! Love me very much. Have fun and be safe!


Elder Coniam

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