Monday, August 31, 2015

Moto Taxi Driver

Q: Tomorrow is September, how fast has this year gone by?!
A: Well, it has not gone by any faster than any other year.

Q: Do you want to eat ice cream every day because it's so HOT?!
A: sometimes, but no tengo pisto

Q.  How many scorpions did we kill in total this past week?
A.the scorpion queen killed-6

Q.  How much did we spend at the grocery store for just the two of us?
A. too much $100.00+

Q.Andie wants to know if your companion is short?
A.Maybe a half an inch shorter, we are the same height

Q.Cash wants to know how many little kids you're friends with and what do you play?
A. The same way I would play with Cash.

Q.Adore wants to know if you are super good Spanish now?
A. super super good

Q.Troy wants to know what your favorite jugo is?
A.Coca-Cola... They don't give us a lot of jugo in my area. But tamarindo is pretty good if they know how to make it.

Well, this week was good. We started off on divisions. Elder Marte, from the DR (not from Mars) was with me in Naco. It was a normal day with him. 

The following day we had our activity. Not too many people showed up. It always seems to up and then down up and then down. We also went to Vida Nueva, visited some investigators, and helped some girls carry wood to their house. They were having a hard time. It was funny, we got to the house and all the teenage boys are playing soccer or sitting around doing nothing. 

Thursday was good as well. Just some visits and in our last one Sadyn gave us some shirts that she sells. I am sure you guys don't understand what the shirts say because it's a Honduran thing. We also had the baptismal interview. Before the interview she told us how her father and brother were giving her a hard time for wanting to get baptized, but she said that she just left the room and started reading the Book of Mormon, and afterwords she said she was not sad, and knew what she was doing was right. 

On Friday we had the baptism. Nobody had keys to the church building, the bishop had to drive into town (lives on a farm) to drop them off, so we could fill the font. We get in the bus, take a moto taxi to the church and we see Two elders waiting outside. One of their investigators was going to have an interview with President Dester. So we unlock the gate, but the dumb part was  that we did not have the key to get inside the church building. We waited for the Branch president to arrive to unlock the building. We filled up the font, that took 4 hours, because the lights went out for a good hour and slowed everything down. We opened up the clerk's office and sat in the AC as it filled up. They showed up at six we started at 6.10 and then we finished at 6.45. It was the fastest and easiest baptism.   
Saturday we invited some less actives to church, and did some normal visits. At night someone invited us to eat ballades. But turns out there was a party that we had to walk through to get to their house. After getting up our courage we walked through the party. It was just really weird. 

Then sunday we had a good amount of people 59, it is our new record. And we only had to teach the second class. In the afternoon we visited an investigator named Erika. Normally her family is there, they are members and she has always been kinda closed off to the missionaries. She would not go to church before, but now she has started going. I feel like she opened up to more in the visit. She talked about how she is going to church to be and excample for her children. She has 2  boys and a new baby girl. She has seen how here younger brother has changed after his baptisim, and she wants the same for her childdren. She told us these things while crying. 

I think thats all! Thank you for your letters and I hope you liked the photos. Have fun working and going to school. And stay safe peeps!

Talk to you next week! Love you all!

Elder Coniam 

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