Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tough week

Q.  Is mom happy about jury duty?
A. No

Q.   How long will mom's trial be?
A. 5 Years

Q.   Will mom buy dad lunch when she's on jury duty?
A. Yes but mom is going to invite him

Q.   Did you celebrate Labor Day?
A.   Yes, it's called P-Day

Q.Any Christmas ideas yet?
A. A tie or two, put the rest on the card...

Q: How are you?
A:  Goo -, I mean well

Q: What did you do on Labor Day? (Today)
A: Nothing really

Q: How did Mike do his hair yesterday? Regular, spiked, or comb-over?
A: is bowl cut an option?

Q: How is your new lock holding up?
A: really well...

Q: Have you had any brownies lately?
A: no

Well this week was really normal. There is not too much to write about. It rained a lot and we had a baptism on Saturday. Sadyn and her daughter Noliea were baptized, after a long time of waiting. I went divisions with elder Westinlind again.

We are still working with the investigators that we have and we are look for some new ones as well.

I wish I had more to write about but it was just a week of fallen citas and problems. But that's okay because theirs is always next week.

The man of many words....

Elder Coniam

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