Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fasting brings blessings

The crops growing here are used to make clothing

Q.  We're going to Walmart tonight for food goodies for you - anything in particular you want?
A. Sour Candy, sour patch, sour worms

Q.   What has been your biggest challenge so far?
A. Missionary work works on the Lord's time. It seems like it takes a long time, so patience...

Q.  What has been your best success personally?
A. Learning how to talk to people, not being as shy.

Q.What have you been able to do that you never thought you could have?
A.Live away from my family for 16 months. 

Q.How are you?
A. Well.   And you, mom?

Q.What flavor pop tarts do you like?
A.Any type of cookie pop tart, I have only had strawberry.

Q: How often do I get up at 5AM?
A: Daily, Mike...

Q: Do you have a comfy toilet seat?
A: It is Honduran size, small.

Q: How long have you been in your area? 3 or 4 transfers?
A: I am going to complete 3 changes here on October 28th

Q: What should we get Hazel for her 1st birthday?
A:  That is three months away. She's a baby that will never remember her first gift. So get her nothing, because to her there is no difference. 

Q: How many miles do you think you walk in one day?
A: Naco is kinda small, not too many. 

Q: Do your feet get tired at the end of the day? Or are they used to it?
A:  I am used to it.

Q: When you see all the dogs there do you think of me? or Maggie?
A:  No, they have sad lives.

Elder Coniam and Elder McNeely

So wow many things have happened. Fasting is cool, because you get blessings, and Divisions with Elder Qurioz from Boliva.

Wednesday morning we chopped - or you could say cut the wild grass with machetes. It was fun. I cut my finger as I was sharpening the machete. But the weather was nice so it's all good. 

Throughout the week we had good citas with our 3 main investigators. One with D  is a 17 year old friend of a member here. The cita was more funny than anything. We go to the cita at the member's house, and then we take out the Law of Chasity pamphlet and his friend immediately says ¨this is the most difficult commandment to follow¨. And a few other comments they made throughout the lesson made it the funniest one of the week. 

We taught E two times this week. She seems happier now. And more determined to go to church.  Her younger sister, an active member decided to runaway with her boyfriend to San Pedro. She is just a nice, shy 16 year old girl, who is getting tricked by a 23 year old man. They have no way to contact her and all that they can really do is sit on their hands and wait for her to come back. This is not like the United States, where every police officer would be looking for her. It really hurt me when we heard what she did.    

And C, a 30 year old single father. He wants to be a good example for his son so that's why is his listening to us. He has gone to church for two times now. Last night we went to his house to talk about the word of wisdom. He lives with his family so they had made coffee. It was just funny to walk in and have the smell of it hit your face, and then they offered it to us. We said no, and then taught them. We had a member that helped us in the cita.

On Friday I did divisions with Elder Qurioz from Bolivia. He only has 5 months in the mission and was learning a lot of Honduran Spanish words when he was with me. He also ate tamales for the first time. He was in the Bolivian Air force and he also installed bank security systems and he turned 19 last month. He has done a lot in his life.  

It was cool yesterday because some members left to look for investigators without us. They said at three we are going to leave my house, and go talk to some of my friends. We got to talk to a friend of one of them and she was very receptive.

I think that's all. Thanks for everything! Have a safe week. Happy Birthday Melissa! 
I love you all! Talk to you soon!

Love ME
Elder Coniam

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