Saturday, October 24, 2015

Honduran Kitchen

Q: What is your favorite preach my gospel lesson?
A: Lesson 2

Q: Did you get rain this week?!
A:  Yes, makes it hard to dry the clothing, we had to use our fans

Q.How are you?
A well

Q.Did you know an Elder Garrison?
A. Yes, he is in my zone. 

Q.Do you know anything about Taylor?
A. No, he is coming home soon - only that.

Q: Do you think you will be in the same place on Christmas?
A: No, that would be 7 months in Naco - it won't happen

Q: Have you seen a Honduran prison?
A: Yes, I lived right next to a juvenile prison in La Aldea

Q: Do Honduran prisons even exist?
A: I would love to buy a hammock that was made in one.

Q.   You're over 5,000 views on your blog.    What would you like to say to all your fans?
A. I love me

Q.  So if you only had three transfers or areas, would that be a good thing or bad thing?
A. Don't have to pack up  as much, but it would get real slow

Q.  How many areas have you been in now?   Four?
A. 4, coming up on five, I think.

Well Hello family! And Friends!

This week we started off with interviews. It was fun talking to President Dester, I hope to be as successful as he is some day. We kinda just talked for 15 minutes. 

It was a real normal week. So there is nothing new to talk about. But Last week I forgot to say that a drunk stopped  us from leaving the house for a few minutes. He just came up to the house and started asking for money. We told him no, go away, and so he sat down in front of the gate and said, I am not leaving until you give me money.  A friend came by, so he went to the other side of the street. In that moment we slipped out, he saw us and tried to ask us for more money but we just walked away. 

Oh we did go to San Pedro to get my new residency card (that makes it sound like I am a doctor). The 4 of us gringos that came together were there, and many other Elders that I know. We finished around 11:30 and so we ate lunch in KFC. We invited Olga to go with us because she gives us food for free every night, and is going to have her birthday next week.

We have two baptisms planned for this Saturday. I talked about them last week. 

Sorry that there is not much to talk about.

Love Me 
Elder Ty-D Coniam 

So I hopefully will have photos next week I only have this one of a Honduran kitchen. 

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