Sunday, October 4, 2015

Normal week. Gun pointed at me.

Q.: What should Mike and Shar be for Halloween?
A:  Shar should put a pillow under her shirt and say she is prego.... hehehehehe

Q: What should mom and dad be for Halloween?
A: They are going to be sleeping. The mean house that does not give out candy. 

Q: How are you going to watch General conference next week?
A:  In English, with 4 gringos and a Latino that knows English
Q.Do you need a new belt. If so what size?
A.Sure - 36.

Q.How many at church?
A. My ZLs ask the same question - 40

Q.Who are teaching right now? How is it going?
A. Patty, Cesser, Darial, Ericka. It is going well.

Q.   What decorations did mom put up this weekend?
A. The day of witches... that's what it's called here

Q.   Which holiday do you "like" to decorate for the most?
A.When Elder Coniam comes home from the mission. 

Q.   What's the next holiday for Hondurans?
A. La navidad..

Q.   Where will you go for conference?
A. The church building in cofradia.

Q.   Did you survive the blood moon?
A. Saw it for five seconds... clouds

Q.  What time is church in Naco?
A. 9:00 Am which means 9:15 in Honduran time

Q: Did everybody freak out about the blood moon?
A: No they did not even talk about it. 

Well, this week was really normal. We just did normal missionary things. Talk to people... Oh on Tuesday a gun was pointed at me. hahahahahaha. 

Here is the story before mom freaks out. We just contacted this house, a man tells us to come in. He is laid out on his sofa and his granddaughter is at his feet. We go to shake his hand and I see this bright shinny object between the man and the back of the couch - it's his gun. I just sat down and halfway through the visit the man noticed that the gun was out and he slides it under his leg. Well, later I saw that the gun was pointed towards me so I just moved a little forward so that I was out  of the way. We left and probably  won't go back.  I don't think the guy wants much.

The rest of the week was normal - we are teaching some people and we hope they progress.

It was sad to hear about Elder Scott. But I am excited for general conference this weekend. 

Have fun this week and stay safe - I love you all!

Elder Coniam

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