Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 2015 Conference

This week was quite normal. We are just doing normal missionary working. Looking for new people, and trying to help the ones we have. So I don't feel like there is anything new with that stuff. 

My companion had an eye appointment at 10:00 AMish. We also ate lunch there then we went back. Later on Friday he had another appointment so we went to a different doctor. We got back by the afternoon both times. 

General Conference was fun also. We were able to watch it in English. I really enjoyed it a lot. On Sunday the Naco extension went over there on a bus. In the picture it looks like there are only women and children, but there were four men in the front. 
On our way to conference
Lots of Questions!!!! Thanks

Q: What was your favorite conference talk?! 
A:  I liked Elder Anderson's in the priesthood session

Q: What was the best thing that happened this last week for you?
A: We are talking to a new family and they are really smart. Their two kids speak English perfectly, and they make good dinners.

Q: How are the bugs treating you?
A:  Just the cockroaches outside the house suck. We might have mice in the house but they don't eat our food. 

Q: How is your comp?
A: Very Cool

Q: What time did Hazel go to bed last night?
A:  8:00 Pm Honduran time

Q: Can you believe you have seen 3/4 conferences? That went fast! 
A: Don't remind me of the time.... it goes by too fast

Sharp dressed elders


Q.  Will you be ponderizing every week?
A. I started this morning

Q.  Will mom let me put a ponderized scripture on the fridge?
A. No you can't even touch the fridge

Q.  Are citizens banned from owning guns in Honduras?
A. No.

Q.  Is it sad that Hazel didn't see her grandpa this weekend?
A.  Yes

Q.   Would mom ride in dad's truck if there was duct tape holding pieces together?
A.   Why wouldn't she...

Q.  Did you get any packages yet?
A. Yes. I am sorry I forgot to mention it last week. I think it's because I eat all the snacks, and then there is nothing left for me to be reminded about.

Q.  Give us some ideas for some Christmas stuff for you.
A. Pop tarts (I like those now) Ties. Not quite skinny ties, but not fat ones. I think if you send it in and envelop it comes out cheaper.

Q.How was conference?
A. Really  good

Q. Did you have any favorite quotes or thoughts?
A. I would have to look over my notes

Q.What is your favorite part of the day?
A. The afternoon when we can leave and go out to talk to everyone. 

Q.What is going to be the first thing you want to eat when you get home?
A. Paradise Bakery Cookies

Q.Do you ever get to go to the ocean on your P day?
A. Nope, too far away

Q.Have you heard about the seaweed that is around the docks that lights up if you stomp on it at night?
A. No I have not, sounds pretty cool.

That's all. I am going to go now. Thanks for all your letters. Stay safe and I hope you all have a good week. We get three days off here in Honduras, federal holidays. 

You favorite Missionary
- Elder Coniam

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