Sunday, November 22, 2015

Castle in Omoa - San Fernando

Inside the Castle grounds


Q.Is your comp better?
A.  Yes.

Sleeping Comp
Q.Do you have someone cook for you or do you eat at members' houses?
A. Lunch sometimes people invite us, once or twice a week. And I started a Dinner list when I got here.

Q.Do you like slip on shoes or lace up?
A. I have never had slip on shoes and so I don't know

Q.   Are there stores like Ross in Honduras where you can just pop in and get a jacket to keep you warm?
A. Yes, but it is not very cheep.

Q.  What’s the best thing about your new area?
A. Paved Roads, I can relax more in church

Q.  What’s been the best part of your mission the last 17 months?
A. Seeing the positive changes in people's lives.

Q.   What’s been your favorite area so far?
A. I don't have any, they are all good. But I really liked Naco.

Q.  What would you say to the people of Honduras?
A. I don't care about Donald Trump

Q.  What are your thoughts on third world countries?
A. I think that term is offensive

Q.   Walking Dead or The Office?
A. The office

Q.   Will the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl?

Q.  Guilty or not guilty?
A.Always guilty

Q.  Does your new comp understand English at all?
A. No
Q: Do people ever come up to you and try to start a fight about your religion?
A: No, most don't want to talk to us

Q: Any new restaurants in your new area?!
A: Yeah, but the members give us dinner so I have not tried them

Q: Do the stores have brownies?!?!?!
A: No.  Well, yes, but they are really bad

Q: Are your legs all muscle now?!

Well, happy anniversary Lyssa and Brando. Google says I should buy you guys something made of pottery.
Well, on Tuesday we had a Multi-Zone Conference, with president and the Area Doctor. It was nice because I put my name on the list to talk with him. I talked to him about my rash that I still had, he just gave me a name of a pill and told me how to take it. And it seems to be going away.  It's really nice. I don't have huge red spots all over my body any more.
The week was kinda tough.  We had a lot  of fallen citas and contacting here is like contacting in San Pedro all over again, nobody wants to receive us.
After a fallen cita, we went to visit an inactive member. The grandparents have been inactive for 15 years and were baptized over 30 years ago, but they have to grand boys (16 and 15) that have really never been active in the church. They got home from school half way through the cita. We invited them to join us. As we sat and talked to them, it really reminded me of Mike and I. But I was overcome with sadness for them because their grandparents don't want to help them, and their active father does not live with them so he can't help much.  We invited them to start to read the Book of Mormon,  and to go to church.

The lights went out one night so we had to go back to the house early.
We got and investigator, R, to go to church, he is 18 years old and his friend in college talked to him about the church.  We kind of  just contacted him one of my first days here. He really enjoyed church, and invited his mom and brother as well. His mom knows a member from my first area.  She called her and let me talk to her for a few minutes. It was really fun. The same member who took this picture (  But The investigator is really happy.
As well they changed the bishop here, nobody knew it was going to happen.
Today we went to Castle in Omoa and then to the beach to eat. So I will try and send photos later! 

So anyways enjoy your week I love you all and will talk to you guys later!!!! Stay Safe!  Kisses, hugs and belly rubbs BYE!

Elder Coniam Loves you  a lot!

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