Monday, November 2, 2015

Cerro Verde Transfer - lots of pics - brownies


So Monday night we got the news that I had changes. Elder Mcneely is now training in Naco so cool beans for him (Not sure what that means). Also it was Olga birthday so we bought balloons and filled her house with them. Elder Mcneely and I (but mostly him) built these lantern things out of tissue paper and a few other things it was kinda cool. They both worked. That is what that picture is of.

Tuesday we had the zona meeting and said goodbye. Tuesday was easy because the extension is really small you don't have to say good bye to too many people.
Zone mtg

Elder McNeely and Elder Coniam

Sadyn and the ward mission leader, bought Chinese rice, and I made brownies. Then we said goodbye Olga, she made ballades for us. I packed everything up and got on the missionary bus that went to San Pedro.
There they told me I was going to Cerro Verde (Green Hill for you gringos). Here the water come every other day for half a day. But the roads all have cement, while Naco was just dirt roads. There are also a lot of members and I did not teach a single class at church, I did not prepare of bless the sacrament either. It was really nice.  Two wards go to the same building, our ward has sacrament meeting at 9:00 and the other ward starts their classes at 9:00 kind of different but it´s okay.
My new comp is Elder SantivaƱez from Boliva, he only has 3 1/2 months in the mission. I am his second Companion.

Today we played basketball with a bunch of Latinos, I think I was the best one there..
hahahahaha Even though I am terrible. And some of the hermanas in the zone are going to have their birthdays, so they bought cake and pizza.

Q: Where is Cerro Verde? In San Pedro Sula or in the campo?
A: 15.564283,-87.930954 GPS

Q: Which family member didn't think you were getting transferred?
A: Dad, somebody told me

Q: Shar is on season 3 of The Office. Can she finish it before the new year? Or before you come home?
A: She can finish it in a week but she needs to quit her job.

Q: Are you in a new area?
A:  Yes

Q: What is your favorite place to eat in Naco?
A:  There are no places to eat in Naco... Only in peoples houses, Sister Karn cooks pretty good. 

Q: Do you like how green it is in Honduras?
A:  Yes and no, I miss that big brown desert.

Q: Do the leaves on the trees fall off or does it not get cold enough?
A: Yes there are times when they fall.

Everyone stay safe and have a good week! I love me all.

Love me the most,
Elder Green Hill Coniam

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