Sunday, November 29, 2015

Don't Jump Off Track

Well, this week went well. Everything went normal. We just kinda had a normal week of teaching, fallen citas, and inactives that say they will go to church but never show up! (Some times they show up, but they can be really tough) 

Well because this week was really normal I guess I could write about something I have been thinking about recently. In the house on the wall a page from the Liahona with a picture of a train track switch. (Just like the one I attached). It says some thing to the effect ¨Decisions that may seem small now can create a drastic change later on.¨.

 I look at the picture and think of people here in the mission that I know. People who have made  not so great decisions. People who choose not to fallow the commandments. We visit them all the time. Their lives always seem much more difficult, they seem to be missing something.  As we talk to them we can usually find out where it started.

 In one example a husband decided to start working on Sunday, to pay for medical bills. He was the Elders Quorum president now his whole family is inactive.  Countless examples of people who do not keep the law of chastity. And many other things. 
This is a quote from President Hinckley about the exact same thing, and well, he seems to explain it alot better than me. 

¨President Gordon B. Hinckley once worked for a railroad in Utah. One morning he received a call from a railroad worker in the state of New Jersey, who told him that a passenger train had arrived without its baggage car. This resulted in 300 angry passengers with lost baggage." As you read President Hinckley’s account of what had happened, look for what switch points on a train track could represent in our lives.
“We discovered that a baggage car that belonged in Newark, New Jersey, was in fact in New Orleans, Louisiana—1,500 miles from its destination. Just the three-inch movement of the switch in the St. Louis, Missouri, yard by a careless employee had started it on the wrong track, and the distance from its true destination increased dramatically. That is the way it is with our lives. Instead of following a steady course, we are pulled by some mistaken idea in another direction. The movement away from our original destination may be ever so small, but, if continued, that very small movement becomes a great gap and we find ourselves far from where we intended to go”

So some things we do might seem insignificant to see any difference right now but later on it will. So, watch your steps!
Wow I went all Spritual on you guys!

Questions NOW

Q.   How did you get to the castle?
A. two buses

Q.  Were those pickled onions on the fish or chicken in your meal last week?
A. If a member had given it to me yes, but because I bought it no. It was Chicken

Q.  Do you actually eat the pickled onions?
A. They are sometimes really tasty, mostly the spicy ones!

Q.  How crazy have your eating habits changed?
A. I eat a lot more foods now.

Q.  Cardinals or Cowboys?
A. Cowboys

Q.  Sun Devils or that other team in North Mexico?
A. Sun Devils

Q.  What did you do with mom's navy sweater?    She can't find it.
A. I tell her when she tells me where my airsoft pistol is!

Q. Does Cash use a hair dryer?
A. No, Cash is a boy

Q. Dad v mom driving?
A. Mom drives faster

Q. Left Phoenix at 836 am - what time did we arrive in Tucson?
A. 9 40

Q: Is it okay that Hazel is taking most of mom's cookies and leaving us with none?!
A: No, we should disown her

Q: Will you share cookies with Hazel?
A: Never, she is a fatty

Q: How does it feel to know that there are two more people in our family that you haven't met?
A:  Good the family is growing... I think there might be 3 new people when I get back... (Shar and Mike are parents in 2016) I love starting rumors 

Q: Would you go to Douglas with mom and dad?
A:  Yes

Q: What is your favorite Honduran drink?!
A: They are the same here, water in a bag. Banana Soda
Well, I will talk to you people later!
Thank you for the letters! I will talk to you shortly ( DEC 25th)
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I going to order Pizza Hut on Thursday! I have to celebrate so how!

Love you all very much,
Elder Con-I-am

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