Monday, November 2, 2015

Sick week - literally and a '72 Toyota pickup

A Classic - '72 Toyota pickup

Well, this week was fun.   I spent most of it sick with a number of different things. I had a fever of 98.8 at 2:45 AM Wednesday morning and I could not go to sleep after that. During that day I lost my appetite to eat, and did not eat too much the following days, and then I got dehydrated because I stopped drinking enough. And that was the bad choice I made.

On Friday I went on divisions to the ZLs area with Elder Paraso. It was probably the worst night ever, I had a huge head pain to where I could not think, and also I did not have any energy, but I was not hungry or anything. Saturday morning I vomited twice. The first time was in the bathroom, the second time it was all over the floor, but the second time it was just red Gatorade. I tried to clean it up but Elder Paraso did it first... But I just ended up calling the nurse and she said that I needed to eat something and drink  a lot of water. I also drank an electrolyte that is made for sick people. It all really helped and by Sunday I felt better . But during the baptisms  on Saturday I was just dead and could hardly set up chairs.

Before chopping grass

After chopping grass
Anyways that's all I think, just talking about my sickness. Also Saydn gave a talk at the baptism. She has learned so much very fast.   I was really happy to hear her talk at the baptism. I guess she is going to get married next month, she wants her boyfriend to go to church, but he works on Sunday. She has been asking a bunch of questions about getting married in the temple and everything. So hey I might visit the temple in Tegucigalpa one day! 

Q: So how would you describe the terrain? are there lots of hills? or is it more flat like where we live?
A: Flat, but my last area was hilly.

Bishop's family
Q: Did you get any rain from that hurricane?
A:  no

Q: Do they have any paved roads or is it both road and dirt?
A:  In Naco.... dirt, and rocks, and that's it.

Q: What do you want for Christmas?!
A: A cheep pair of Eccos from Last Chance


Q: Did you guys hear about Hurricane Patricia in Mexico?
A: Yes

Q: How many more weeks until Fallout is out?
A: 4 weeks right

Q: How can I stop getting fat without having to workout?
A: Stop eating so much

Love me 
Elder Tyler Con-I-am.

The photo is of the mission leader and me in front of his 1972 Toyota, I don't know how the thing still moves.

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