Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boo - The Office

Q.How was church?
A.  Good.  158 people.

Q.How is new comp?
A. My comp has a lot of blisters on his feet.

This will be a funny question for people who are not a part of the family (Sister Dester, my family is normal, don't worry.)

Q.   Who won the butt smack game last night?
A. Shar... Did you rember to smack maggies????? jajajajaajajajajaja

Q.  Who didn't come over for dinner last night?
A. Mom and Dad

Q.  If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be?
A. Good references from every member, a super busy change without fallen citas, and progressing investigators.
Well, we had a lot of fallen citas this past week.
Yesterday we wraped copies of the Book of Mormon in gift paper, and gave them to the members so they could give the book to someone.
We are just teaching people, Waiting for people to get married and visititng those less actives, they just need love and someone there to talk to them consistently.
Do your home teaching and be nice to each other.
Sorry it's not much this week but we can talk more on Friday!
Stay safe!
Bye -  love me long tim,   (from The Office)
Elder Coniam

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