Friday, December 18, 2015

Harvard Graduate

Elder Estrada from Bolivia

Q what part of the brownie is your fave?
A That part where they are made at home, they are just different...

Q where should we have hazels bday party? Our house, the green belt behind our house or sv park?
A the house, or Honduras

Q How are you?
A Muy bien, y vos

Q How is training going?
A I never knew child birth was so difficult,

Q.Would you say your training style is like mom or dad?
A. a Combo of both

Q: Has anyone called you Elder Coño? They would sometimes look at me like what did you say your name is haha
A: yes they sometimes say it... It's kinda funny
Well this week made me a little tired.
On Monday we spent the time saying goodbye to the people. And then on Tuesday we had to go to San Pedro, and I had to pick up my new comp. We listened to Pres Dester for a little bit and then we got our Kids...!
All of the gringos that came with me are training. It is kinda interesting.
Elder Estrada is my new companion. He is from Boliva, just like my last comp.  He is 20 years old and a little bit shorter than me.
On Wednesday we went to San Pedro again, but this time with Elder Duncan. He is the President of Central America. I really enjoyed listening to him. He talked about having a vision, and making goal and completing them. 

This is from President Dester's letter but I want to include it.

I was impressed that on the second day he told us about a Harvard Business School study that showed that 87% of their graduates had no real goals or plans, but they still had some success after graduation. 10% had vague goals and plans in their minds, but they had nothing written down. They earned double what the 87% earned on average. But 3% of the graduates had written goals and plans, and they earned 10 times what the others earned. Elder Duncan said he sees the same results among missionaries wherever he travels. Those missionaries who learn how to establish a vision for their work, and then set written goals and plans, accomplish many times more than those who do not. Finally, he invited us to allow ourselves no excuses, but to become men and women of faith and of action.

From there on out it was a normal week. My companion is learning how to speak Honduran Spanish, and I have to say ¿como? and  ¿Como? over and over again because he talks super fast. I am pretty sure he thinks that I can not speak Spanish.

Thank you for everything. I love you all very much and I will talk to you guys latter!!!!!!! I think we will talk Christmas day in the morning maybe 9:00 or 10:00 AM AZ time. We are going to do it in the house of a member so we will see how that goes.
I love you all stay safe and take your vitamins. Speaking of vitamins, mom, can you send some.

Elder Tyler Coniam!!!! (O Coño, como dijo Mike)

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