Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It was a normal week!

It was a normal week. We had 2 Baptisms on Friday and It turned out well. They showed up late to sacrament meeting but they still got confirmed.

This Saturday we have another baptism for R. She is 55-60 years old. She is taking care of her  older sister. Her sister is a member but can't go to church due to medical problems.

Anyways, R started to read the Book of Mormon all by herself. That was about a month ago and now she is done reading the Book of Mormon. We got her a triple combination so she can start to read D&C.

 I really enjoy visiting them because whenever we teach things, her older sister likes to bother her. One day while we were teaching the Word of Wisdom, the older sister said ¨R is going to have a hard time with this one, she likes to throw back some beers every now and again.¨. It is really funny when a little old grandma lady says something like that.
On Tuesday the area was shut down really. We were coming back from the district meeting, when they stopped the bus and made us get off early. There is a bus station (Not a public one) here, well turns of that 4 men shot and killed 8 men and hurt 2 others at 9:00 in the morning. ( )

 We have to walk passed the bus station every day. There is no other way to get to cerro verde. Now they have Military Police there. One day they got mad at us because they said that we walk passed them too much. They made us open our backpacks, and they made the member we were with lift up his shirt.
Other than that, everything was normal. We are safe here and don't seem to have too many problems.
I thank you all for you letters.


Q: Can you believe it's almost December!? 

Q: How yummy was your Thanksgiving dinner?! (: 
A: Chicken, arroz, jugo, beans, tortillas. It was good

Q: What should we buy Hazel for Christmas?
A:  Xbox 1

Q.   Do you have any real cold nights down there?
A. Really cold, no

Q.  Did you deep fry the turkey or cook in oven?
A. No hay Pavo

Q.  Did you slaughter the turkey or did your comp?
A. My comp

Q.  Did your turkey come with  pepperoni on it?
A. Yes

Q.  Have you given a talk in your new ward yet?
A. No there are members here that can talk

Q.  How many people attend your ward?

Q.  Did you want to buy Nan’s RV to live in when you get back?
A. No, sorry nan.

So that's all.  Stay safe, I love me all. I will see you guys later. 

Love Elder Coniam

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