Sunday, December 13, 2015

Papa trainer

Q.   What time does the sun go down?
A. 6:00 PM

Q.   What planet was under the moon last night?
A. earth hahahahaahaha

Q.  Who has gotten more out of your mission - you or the people of Honduras?
A. 50-50

Q: Do you feel like an old man in the mission?
A: A little bit

Q: How are the beds you sleep on?
A: good, 

Q: What is the best thing about the place you live?
A: No Dirt roads

Q: What is your favorite family Christmas tradition?
A: Christmas breakfast

Q: Do you get to skype us again?!?!?!?
A:  Yes

Q: Are you decorating your apartment for Christmas?
A:  No we don't have anything to use

Q: Are Hondurans very enthusiastic about Christmas? Or is it just another day?
A: Yes, but no

Q: Do they have any different traditions?
A: Eat fruit at 12:00 AM on the 25

Q.I looked up that link about the shooting and it said the wanted a war tax. what does that mean? and who the gangs?
A. They just charge different business a protection fee. The gangs are the gangs, they don't do anything to us, they protect us from thieves and stuff like that

Q.How are your military friends?
A. We try not to walk by there so much

Q.How many new teeth is Hazel getting?
A. 4

Q.What should I get dad for Christmas?
A. Xbox one

Q.Taylor is home and is speaking on Sunday. Should I make him cookies?
A. Yes

Q.Do you know what time you can call on Christmas?
A. No idea

Well, it was a normal week. We taught people, A baptism fell through. It's really all the same.
Ten investigators came to church on Sunday. The members helped bring them to church. Almost all of the investigators have friend or family members that are members.

Yesterday we received change info and they said that Elder Santivanez is leaving and that I am going to train. So that will be interesting. Changes are going to happen on Tuesday because Elder Duncan is going to come here on Wednesday.
But that's really all, I will talk to you guys later... Love you a lot.  Thank  you for your letters.     And thanks for the gifts. I got the box on Tuesday, just in time the shoes came, it started to rain this week and I guess my shoes have holes in them because my feet got wet so I put on the new ones.
And mom you had already sent me some of those ties, but I had changed them or gave them to converts so it's all good!

Thank you  for everything stay safe, Happy birthday Grammy, this Sunday, right? And happy Hanukkah.
Love me all,
Elder Papa Coniam 

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