Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Three Sons Leave on Missions

Q.   Did you count all the roaches?
A.   No  - there were more.

Q.  Where did  they come from - your house?
A.  The house.    The mission sent the bug guy, He his not as nice as John, but he did not smell like smoke.

Q.  Did you kill them or did someone else?
A. See above.

Q.  That water bill, was that US dollars?
A. no hahahaaha

Q.   Did Nan's package arrive?
A.  No, still no
Q.  Did the brothers head off on their mission?
A.  Yes, they are now gone. 

Three YM in this family just left on missions

Q.  You're at 5,777 page views.  What does the 6,000 viewer get as a reward?
A. A kiss from Elder Coniam -- I hope it's a girl!

Q How is your burn?
A The skin is falling off

Q Are you feeling better?
A  Yes.

Q What did you have?
A. Don't know.

Q How is your son?
A he is very well

Q Is your water bill always the high?
A It is kinda high for Honduras, but it's normal for where we live. They have to pump water here. We are like the Anthem (they pay more i think) of San Pedro Sula.

Q  Maybe your landlord has a leak.
A  Even if there was a leak, we would pay the same. There is no counter, everyone pays the same if you use a lot or a little.
Q How crazy is it that Hazel is almost one?
A  Not too crazy - a year has passed.

Q: How are you feeling?
A:  Normal.  Happy.

Q: Do many of the people you talk to have dogs as pets? Or pets at all?
A:  You have asked this question 6 times, I think you like pets. Yes people have dogs, some have cats and some have birds

Q: What is one of your favorite things about the mission?
A:  I am happy

Q: Do you want to give Hazel a kiss?
A: No, that's gross 

Q: How old will Maggie be on the 27th? or is it the 28th?
A: Alyssa, look, you are in denial, Maggie passed away six months ago.

Well, this week went well. We just did normal missionary work. My comp received his patriarchal blessing, so we went to San Pedro. We were in my old stomping grounds! I still remember how to get around.  

Sunday was good we had some new investigators in church and some of the same ones that need to get married. 

The man that was inactive for 17 years is now active again! He went to church for three Sundays in a row. And his grandsons were advanced in the aronic priesthood. 

Friday my companion was sick, I decided to write my mission goals, and after mission goals
We are just doing normal missionary work here.
Thank you for your letters and your prayers and love and kisses. I miss you all very much stay safe!!!!

Elder Tyler Scott Coniam

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