Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's PDay

So this week went well. There were some new investigators at church and we went to the beach.

Q Any tips on trying to get rid of a sickness?
A take Pepto

Q Do you have TB yet?
A  No, but more people are saying that it is going around

Q.What is your good news for the New Year?
A. New investigators

Q.Will you get more rain this week or will we?
A. you

Q.Did grandpa have a new year party or did we?
A. Grandpa - you guys don't party

Q.Who needs the heater on the most mom or dad?
A. mom - dad always said she was the ice princess

Q.   How late did the party last on New Year's Eve at our house?
A. You guys went to bed at 830pm

Q.   Was it loud in your hood celebrating New Year's?
A. Not as loud as Christmas. I took a video

Q.  How many more days till Hazel's birthday?
A. 17 days, she will not remember anything treat it like a normal day. How many more until Maggie's?

Q.  Did you get the Dickson's package and Nan's package?
A. I got the box from the Dickson Family - thank you very much for all the things you sent.  The toilet paper in the USA is much softer. Nan's not yet.

Happy new years! 
We celebrated by watching the neighbors light off fire works.  At 1200 they woke us up so we went outside to watch for 10 minutes. There are just a bunch of little kids that live near us so they were having a blast. On new years day there was nobody, even the cita with the bishop fell through. And there were a little bit more people the following day.
These two young men left on missions last Wednesday

On Sunday we started at 8 20, and we did the meetings backwards it was kinda interesting. Some new investigators showed up.  Later in the evening we watched The Testaments with some of those investigators. They really enjoyed it, and understand the Book of Mormon a little more. 

Today we went to the beach and I got burned really bad. It reminded me of my childhood when I made the same mistake of not putting on sunblock. Looks like I will have more freckles now, because I don't tan.

Thank you for your letters. I love you all and I hope you have a happy and safe new year!!!!!
Your Son, Friend, Brother, Boyfriend, Grandson, and some more things.
Elder Conaim
Write out goals for the new year!

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