Thursday, January 21, 2016

Toyota Haica

Q.Do you need anything?
A. A hug...

Q.How was your Sunday?
A. Good
Q.What did you do?
A. We left with the mission leader

Q. How many people at church?
A. 157

Q: what are you gonna do for Hazel's birthday?
A Nothing... Hazel I hope you don´t hate me in the future for this

Q: how many time have you read the B.O.M.?
A  2.5

Q.  How many new Ridgelines should I buy?
A. 0, unless you can pay for all of it at once.  Get a Toyota  haica! they are the type of buses they use here - they are super cool

Q.  Cardinals or Panthers?
A. Panthers

Q.  Where is mom taking me for our anniversary?
A. What's that pizza restaurant were we ate before we left?

Q.  Accord v. Ridgeline?
A. Accord

Q.  How many hours did it take me to put Hazel's wagon together?
 A. You lost 2 hours of your life

Q.  Did you get the little package from us, the slip-on shoes and ties in it?
A. I got a package with vitamins and 3 ties, no shoes.
Well what can I tell you this week.  We did normal missionary stuff. It was not the best week ever by it was all good. 
We were able to put some baptismal dates with some people.  Thursday we did weekly planing as a zone, and celebrated a hermana's  birthday also.

It is kinda crazy that I already have 2 changes in Cerro Verde, this week will start the 3rd change here it will be 7 weeks only for this change. 
I did not say that when we went to San Pedro last week we saw the bishop from Naco and his wife. We talked with them for a little bit. Elder McNelly told me that Dariel the 17 year old that got baptized before I left Naco went to EFY (It's called Soy here) last week, and he also went to the temple. So It was really cool to hear that.  

Today I got a hair cut.

Thank you for all that you do for me! I love you long tim. (I miss The Office)
I want to say happy birthday to Hazel. I love showing everyone her picture were she is on the suitcase. Everyone goes owwwwwwwwwww! Que linda Shes a doll. Que bonitos sus ojos! Stuff like that it´s really funny.
Thanks for you letters I love you all a lot! and I will talk to you guys next week.

Elder Coniam

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