Saturday, January 30, 2016


Q.Do you need anything?
A. A hug from my family... No, I am good

Q.How was church?
A. Normal

Q.  Why did you jinx the Cardinals?
A. I did not - they're just overrated!

Q.  Broncos or Panthers?
A. Panthers.  I'm  tired of hearing about the Broncos, but the game is on Sunday, so don't watch it...

Q: Do you like Hazel?
A:She is a nice girl

Q: Do you think you'll stay in this area for changes?
A: No... but who knows

Q: What has helped you  talk to people more?
A: Just practice.  It's not that big of a deal.

Q: Do you think when you come home you will go out of your way to talk to random people?
A: No, not really but it will be a lot easier to start conversations. And I won't be afraid to be around anyone.

Q: New favorite scripture?
A:Mateo 10:32

Well this week went well, we had 9 investigators in church. As well we were able to put some baptismal dates with some of the investigators. Also some people that need to get married are finally going to take out the papers in order to get married.
Wednesday we had a world wide mission conference. Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks talked, along with some of the other general authorities.  Elder Anderson shared the scripture from Matthew 10:32 that I really like.
Saturday the Stake President here invited the whole zone to lunch. He talked about the Stake goals and gave us food afterwards.
Well not sure what else to say...
Oh I was reading Jesus the Christ. I was reading the part about Christ's crucifixion, and it was really impacting. It is a really long book but it's super good.

Anyways. I would like to say goodbye and tell you guys thank you for everything. I love me very much. Also I hope you guys stay safe. I know like 50 people that have had zika... SO maybe I can bring it to the USA hehehheeheheheheheehehehe I am just kidding , U.S. Customs and Borders :).

Anyways I will see you guys later...
Love me so much
Elder Tyler Coniam

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