Sunday, February 21, 2016

Friends, Examples, Baptisms

Q: If you won a computer or cash which would you take?
A: Computer, cash tax

Q: Is Hazel going to have tall genes like her uncle Ty?!
A: No, Dawson midget genes - no offense Dawson  family. (as if that means anything)

Q: Do they talk about the Superbowl or American sports in Honduras?
A:  No, only about clash of clans

Q: What is your new favorite scripture?
A:  All of them

Q: Do they have lots of dogs... HEHEHEH KIDDING!!!! (: 
A. No 

Q: What do you want for your birthday?! Another shirt?! (:
A:  Put money on my card, and I will buy the blanket you want.

Q: How many times have you been sick on your mission?
A: At least every month there is something that happens.

Q.   How were the baptisms?
A.   Great.

Q.  Did you fall down this week too - twist ankle?
A. This week, no.
Lot of questions!!!!

So this week was good. Tuesday was normal. Wednesday my companion stayed in a member's house because a blister on the bottom of his foot popped and he said he could not walk. So I was with members the whole day Wednesday.
The whole week we were helping our investigators prepare for their baptism. We did the interviews Saturday morning. So the ZLs came here to do them. a lot of people showed up for the baptism, it was a good day.
there is not a lot more to write about...
I guess I will tell you guys who the people that got baptized.

A and J are brothers. A is 20 and J is 14.  Elder Estrada and I were contacting one day and we decided to contact their house. A told us that about 4 years ago the missionaries visited them but they never went to church.  With a lot of support from the ward we were able to put a baptismal date with them. Their mom was supportive all the way, and I am sure would like to get baptized, but she needs to get married first. A is a super nice person, and is involved in clubs against violence and loves soccer. J goes to school and plays soccer for a club in the afternoon in San Pedro.
D is 16 years old. He is Moroni V's friend.  Anyways he invited D to church he came started to receive the lessons and got baptized. We did every single lesson in the V's house. D' s mom signed the baptismal record.  Moroni baptized him.
Here is a picture of everyone.

Anyways, I will talk to you folks later.  "I love me long tim."
Stay safe, and do your homework.

Elder Coniam

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