Friday, February 5, 2016

Lasagna and Texas toast

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Normal

Q: Any new sicknesses in Honduras that are going around?
A: No

Q: When you get home, will you share your cookies with Hazel like Mike did last night?
A:  No

Q.  What dinner meal of mom's would you like to have right now?
A.  Lasagna with Texas toast

Q.  How'd you like those cheap-o shoe pads? 
A. They are even worse now.

Q.  Do you do actual tracting, knocking on random doors?
A. Yes, but it is not too effective.

Q.   As a survivor of Zika, was the Zika outbreak caused by genetically-modified mosquitoes?   The mosquitoes were released in Brazil to help stop the spread of dengue fever in 2012.
A. That sounds like an Alex Jones theory...

Q.  Do you need anything - getting a box ready.
A. Candies and chocolates, I like sharing them with the people in my areas because they think it is super special!

Q.What should I get dad for our anniversary?
A. A great big kiss. But really an Xbox one - I know he will love it!!!!!

Q. Is Grandpa in a rap video? Well, just his picture.
A. Is he not a court reporter anymore?
Well, how is it going. This week went well and we are working just like every other week.
Nan's box got here - thank you for the food and candy and ties, Nan!!!!
This week was really normal. We helped some more inactives go to church. We also had a ward mission activity which went okay. We are just doing our job here.
We have some baptisms planned for this month - we are hoping that all goes over well.
There are some members here that were inactive for 17 years. We visited them on Sunday, and the wife talked about how it has been an effort from many people. We were just the ones that saw them go to church. She said that she always had a love for the church, but the actions of other people made her feel unwelcome there. The husband talked about he felt bad when he saw his boss was a leader of the church in a stake conference. The boss did not act like a member of the church in work and put on a new face in the church.

Anyways, always watch your actions. As well I learned that if the people I teach now don´t progress maybe some place down the line they will progress.
That's all peeps. I will talk to you next week.
Love me very much,
Elder Coniam

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