Sunday, March 20, 2016

First AC night in Honduras!

Q: Did you give some of the members your ties?
A.  Yes.

Q: what is your favorite Honduran fruit?
A. Lychee

Q: What will you miss most about your last area?
A: Just the members, and the converts.

Q: Tell me something good.
A: I am happy

Q.Do you like the new area?
A. Yes.

Q.Is Naco still your favorite?
A. Naco and Cerro Verde

Q.How big is this ward/area?
A. 150 was attendance

Q: Where should we go for my birthday dinner?
A: Carumbas

Q: How soon do you think mom will want to take family pictures when you get home?
A: 3 weeks

Q: Who will win the first butt slap game?
A: I will


When are you coming home? In June!

What is your favorite thing to eat? Baleadas  

Do you like your companion? Yes

Is your bed as comfy as your bed at home? No 

Are the kids in Honduras as cool as us? Not as cool as you guys!

Have you made any new friends that you will want to go back and visit? Sure have

 What are the drinks you like there? there is soda, but there are a lot of fruit of drinks that people make in their homes

Is it hotter there or in Arizona? Here.  In Arizona 

you are in AC all day!

Are you tan? Only in the parts that my church clothing does not cover

 Do you have the same haircut?  No

What is your favorite area that you've been to? Cerro Verde and Naco

Do they have a lot of goats there? Yes... hahaha

Well, how is everyone!  It is supper funny to see that photo with E. Sessions.  
I am glad you could go to his homecoming talk.

Well my new are is Vías del Rio, in the Mererndon Stake. Naco is in the same Stake so the stake conference this weekend will be fun because I will be able to see a lot of old friends from Naco.

My companion is Elder Cerros from kangaroo land or Australia. He is going home the 21st of April. It is really fun to talk like an Australian. I¨ll send a photo of us together next week.

I said goodbye to everyone on Tuesday. And Wednesday night I slept my first night in Honduras with.... AC!!!!!!!!!  It is so nice. We live in a house of 4. The other two are Elder Merano from Nicaragua and Elder from Canada.  He was born in the Philippines and was in the Canadian Army for 6 years.

The new area is nice.  The members here are really great, and some of them say I have a smile like the stake president - we eat dinner with him on Monday.

Something really super cool happened this week! I saw Luis Gamez, last year in Villa Nueva we helped him and his girlfriend get married (belinda). He is working on a house here near where we live. I saw his little brother first, thinking that I recognized him, I walked up to talk to him and off to the side behind the fence was Luis. It was really cool seeing him again. 


I think that is all.   I love you all very much.

Thank you all for the questions, I will talk to next week.

Stay Safe

Elder Coniam

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