Sunday, March 27, 2016

Holy Week in Honduras

Well hello people!

Q.How are you/your new area?
A.good and good

Q.I think Elder Sessions has the same birthday?????
A.Yes, you two do

Q.Are the pictures from your new area? 
A. Like what, of the house of the area, comps I don't know

Q: What do Hondurans do for Easter?
A: It is a whole week, where people go back to their pueblos and they go swimming and eat special foods like dry fish soup and weird drinks...

Q: Do they have an Easter bunny in costume taking pictures?
A: no

Q: When do you guys have ward conference?
A: don't know.  We just had stake conference

Q: Are you liking your new area so far?
A: yes

Q: What is your area like? a city, small place?
A: We live in a suburb, but we don't live in our area.  We walk 30 minutes to get there and it's a five mile long road in the middle of two mountain ranges that has houses scattered about.

Q.  How is your Australian Spanish?
A.  Not so great

Q. Will you get air-conditioning for the remainder of your mission?
A.  Yes, I think so...

Q.  Did you get to see a lot of your old converts  and ward members at stake conference?
A. Yes, it was a lot of fun. I took some pictures with the people from Naco. Today we went to Villanueva to pay a water bill and I saw 2 other members.

Q.  How old is mom today?
A. 35 years old

Well, we started this week fine and ended it fine. The only problem is that we can't find anyone that is that interested in listening to us. They are nice and everything, they say we can come back, we put a cita and come back and they are not there. So that is what is happening right now.

On Thursday we did divisions, I stayed in the area with Elder Gutierrez form Nicaragua, he has about 1 week in the mission. 

Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference with Elder Ochoa from the 70 and President Dester showed up as well.

Well i  just want to wish mom a happy birthday. I hope everything goes well and that you have a good week off.  I hope you got the letter as well.

UMMMM NOT Sure what else to say 

I love me! THank you for everything mom, Happy birthday!!!

Elder Coniam el Gringo Aguacatero!!!!

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