Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love the People...Grateful for Honduran Members

Q: Do Hondurans eat quesadillas?
A:Yes they do, but with white cheese.

Q: Should mom and dad get wolf urine to deter the cats from entering their yard?
A:  yes, Amazon!

Q: Do you see chickens running around all over the place?
A:  in this area not really, but in my others, yes, always.

Q: What is your favorite fruit?
A: Mango

Q: Who cuts your hair?
A: A man

Q: Who will you keep in contact with when you come home?
A: A  lot of people. I was thinking I could come back for New Years...

Q: Are you getting trunky?  DON'T.  There isn't anything going on here and right now we are living through you!!!!!! -kisses
A: no

Q: If you had to guess, how many steps would you say you take in one day?
A:  3,000,000,000,000,000

Q: What kinds of foods from Honduras do you never want to stop eating?
A:  la baleada

Q: Are there any good Honduran candies?!
A:  yes 

Q: Do they have cacti in Honduras? 
A:  yes - I have not seen any.

Q.  Is that a Honduran Harley?
A. no, there are harles there

Q.   Is it safer to ride a motorcycle in Honduras or Phoenix?
A.  Phoenix

Q.  Do the sisters think you are the tortilla making expert now?
A.  Yes

Q.  Did you get a lot of rain this past week?
A.   A little bit

Q.What is the funniest thing that happened  to you this week?
A. not sure

Q.What was the worst thing that happened to you this week?
A I want to be positive.

Q.So last week were you okay?
A. yes

Q.Did you move?
A. areas or house? well  no and no. We will know the changes tonight.

Q.We have one last box coming your way, anything you want in it?
A. I can't think of anything.

Q.What should I get Mike for his birthday? He wont tell me...
 A. xbox one
Well, this week went well. We had regional conference on Sunday. All of Central America watched. It was cool because it was treated like a stake conference, so Axel was able to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. He has not even been a member for a month.  Axel as well is now working, he is working with some other members that are returned missionaries that will be a good influence on him. Axel says that the little money he earns he is going to save so he go on a mission.   He went to the temple and is going to go this Saturday. So is his little brother Jimmy and David.  The young mens president is going to pay for the trip so another investigator can go to the temple.  

We are looking for new investigators, and there are some more baptisms coming up this month. but we will see if I am going to be here. I am enjoying my time here!
Anyways I will talk to you later!!! byeeeeeeeee! stay safe!!!!
And Happy birthday Nan.

Elder Coniam

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