Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mission Honduras San Pedro Sula Oeste

Questions first.   There are a lot.

Q: What size shirt do you wear?

Q: When was the last time you released your inner psycho?
A: A long time ago

Q: Do you still have those pillow cases that I made you?
A: yes

Q: Have you guys been learning a lot about the family proclamation this year in church?
A: no

Q: Who cleans your church buildings? Do Hondurans have that as a calling too?
A: the members

Q: What kind of phone do they give you guys to use?
A: samsung  gt-e1250q black

Q.Do you have enough ties?

Q.Anything you need in your birthday box?

Q.   Did you get your  package?
A.   no

Q.   Will be sending a birthday package, any ideas on what you'd like?
A.  no

Q.   Are you excited about your next change?
A.   yes

Q.  What's the best thing about your current area?
A. There is no mud

This week was okay, nothing new to write about. I finished Jesus the Christ. and we had a multi zone meeting. I think I have one week left in cerro verde!
Well that's all.  Sorry. Happy Birthday Troy, it only happens every four years. So stay safe and enjoy your week.
Elder Coniam

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