Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday 2016

Well, another week passed by!!!!!
How are all you guys doing?

Q.   Michael is renting your other bike from you.    How much are you charging him?
A.   One hour of Xbox one for every day

Q.   Did the box arrive?
A.    no, maybe tomorrow

Q: One year older and wiser too… What have you learned the most this year?
A:  I am just more confident, that is something that I received in the mission. I can trust in myself more. I have more faith, not only in spiritual things but in other things also. 

Q: Did you get your package yet?!
A: no maybe tomorrow

Q: Did you guys get any rain in your area?
A: a little

Q: How are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?!
A:  No sure, hopefully the box comes...

Q.   What did dad have for lunch today?
A.  Potbelly's

Q.  Are you like the super start American futball player down there?
A. No, I am not that good, but I was playing in my crocks, I forgot to say that!!!

Q.  Have you gotten a bunch of new missionaries in?
A. There are there like 40ish getting trained right now..

Q.   Do you remember what it was like to be a greenie?
A.  yeah, it was tough!

Q.  What words of advice would you give to new missionaries?
A. Just relax, do your best and forget the rest, put goals, and have a long term view point (is that how you say that in English?) 

Q.   Did the Australian go home?
A.   No, he goes home in 8 days.  It's my first companion that I am killing, he is pretty baggie. I am sure I will also.

Q.Do you feel older and wiser?
A. I guess

Q.Did you get your birthday box?
A. see answer above

Q.What happened at church?
A. President Dester showed up, Hno Pena asked him to tell President Monson that the church needs a radio station here to preach the gospel... and there were 172 people there

Q.Did the bug man take care of the scorpions?
A. of the nothing (Spanish way of  talking) he showed up this Saturday

Q.Can Mike jump a block fence?
A. Yes, with a boost

Q.It's national sibling day, who do you like more?
A Maggie, oh wait... my favorite sister is Alyssa, and Michael is my favorite brother.

Thank you for all the questions..!!!

Well this week went well.

Tuesday evening the stake invited us to a meeting with all the ward mission leaders. When Elder Ochoa came last month he said they need to divide the stake in one year. So they are going to start working to reach that goal.

On Wednesday something fell in my eye at 2:00 when we were leaving the house, and I could not get it out, I think it fell out but It still felt really uncomfortable. So I rested for an hour and when I woke up everything was okay. 

Thursday we went to get some baptismal pants from San Antonio 2. When we got there it was really sad to see the house they were in. It was not their fault, but the house is just really bad.  It was dark, small dirty (not because of them) and many other things.  So we talked to President and Sister Dester on Friday in a meeting that we had to help them get out of that house. The Desters have been really good about always putting us in good houses.

Friday we went to San Pedro for a meeting. We left to go eat lunch, and go home. Well someone asked President Dester if we could go eat in City Mall. City Mall is off limits unless you have permission. And so we went inside and I was transported to the United States... It was so nice inside. But I would not have enough money to buy anything in there, so we ate and left..

Saturday was good we went to Maranon, the furthest place in our area. 

Sunday as I said President Dester came to our fast and testimony meeting. Sister Dester has been sick, so she did not come. But it was really cool. A member in our area took her friend and before the meeting she was giving her a tour, and we did not need to say a word. Her friend asked us if we could finish the class with her and the member so later that day. 

So it was a good week!

I'm glad to hear that your are all busy. So I hope  you all stay safe this week. I lobe you long time...

Thank you for the box in advance.

Love you all.

Elder Birthday Boy Coniam

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