Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday Week Celebration

This week went fine. 

On Tuesday I went to Dos Caminos with Elder Hernandez from Tegucigalpa.

Wednesday - The Members that we pay to make lunch made a cake. My companions smashed my face into the cake -that's what they do in Honduras.  Later on we went to work and some other stuff.  We had a special birthday dinner. It was really good, I also got a Honduran flag as a gift.

On Friday we went to the offices for my companion's last interview. He is leaving tomorrow! 


Q.   So how great was April 13?
A. it was a good day

Q.  How great are the members of Honduras?
A. very nice

Q.   Did San Antonio get new housing yet?
A. no

Q.  How good was that cake?
A. it was good

Q.  Last box arrive?

Q: When are the next exchanges? I lose track every time!
A: tomorrow, the last one!!!!!!!

Q: Are you excited to talk to us on Mother’s Day?
A: yes

Q: Did you get your package yet?!
A: no

Q: Any progress on getting those elders out of that house?
A: no

Q: So what did you end up doing on your birthday?
A:  letter see above

How had the birthday party for you?

Was the pie in the face yummy?

Of course the box we want to be there on time doesn't get there :(

Do you have changes?

How was your ward?

I know its not much but thank you for everything I love me and stay safe.

Elder Coniam 
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