Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Week 2016

Q: How was your Easter?
A: We did not do an egg hunt.

Q: Did you find Easter eggs?
A: No.

Q.  You're getting close to 7000 views.   What would you like to say to your fans?
A.  I love every single one of you. 

Q.  What will you eat on April 13th?
A.  Cake and brownies.

Q: How crazy does Semana Santa get?
A: Not too crazy here - only on the beaches.

Q: Is it hard to proselyte during Semana Santa?
A:  Yes, because everyone is at the beach.

Q: Do they have any foods that they eat only during the week of Semana Santa?
A: Yes, most of them are covered in  sugar cain and are super sweet.

So this week was okay. I went to Dos Caminos with Elder Mina. He is from Ecuador. It was really fun there. We were really busy the whole day. Then in the morning at 5:45 we woke up to go to the gym. The owner hides the key so that the elders can enter. They turn on everything, and we were there for an hour alone in the gym, and right before we left the worker showed up. 

We got to know some menos activos, and we are still looking for more investigators. 

Then Holy week started and it was tough to find people in the house. Anyways...

I  will talk to you guys later.......Love me so much!!!!

Stay safe I will talk to you next week!!!

Elder Conaim

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