Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just another Twister! Crutches are dramatic.

Q.   So how many times does this make for a sprained ankle?
A.   Second in the mission, I think. 

Q.   Rate this last twister.   1=worst     2=piece of cake   3=the same as the last
A. 1

Q.  Different ankle or same one?
A. Same one - my right ankle is weak

Q.  Cut on your other foot?
A.  cut myself, I was hopping and fell. 

Q.  Did the box arrive?
A. Yes - thank you for the things

Q.  Crutches or no crutches?
A. I am not using them - they just seem so dramatic

Q.  Where are you this morning?
A. In Honduras,  Villas Del Rio, Buffalo, Villanueva, Cortes, Honduras

Q.  School when you get back - have you decided on Harvard, MIT, or Stanford?
A. My wife is going to support me....

Q.  How many scorpions were killed last week?
A. 6

Q: What happened to your foot?!
A: I rolled it - will talk about it more

Q: How is your new comp?!
A: Short, Latino, Black Hair Brown Eyes. very Nice

Q: How was your week?
A: In the house sick

Q: Have you seen any weird bugs lately?
A: A stick bug, what are those called in English?

Q: What is the one thing you love the most about your mission?
A: I am always busy. except when I am sick in the house

Tuesday we had changes. I woke up feeling weak. Oh, yeah, I also barfed at 4 in the morning after have straight liquid diarrhea. (This blog is not for the faint of heart!) Anyways I had to get in the mission car with my comp, because  he went straight to the airport. So they dropped me off at the banque where the changes were. I was super weak and so I laid down. We got the changes, got on the bus. We got home, ate lunch and then stayed in the house the whole day because I did not have the strength  to leave the house.  

Talking to Sister Dester, she said that I should go get a poop test, so the next morning we are going to cross the street to get in the bus and I step from the sidewalk to the street and everything fell on the right ankle. I heard a few pops, and was on the ground. We slowly walked back to the house. The worst is that we had to cross a small river.  But we stayed all day in the house again. 

The next day Sister Dester from Guatemala was able to get the office elders to come pick me up and they took me to the hospital. Took the poop test like a champ, and was out in two minutes. They took us home. And was later informed that I have H Pylori.  Once again the office elders showed up but this time with the antibiotics.  

So from Thursday to Sunday we were in the house. I don't have any real problems with the H Pylori now, but my ankle is still a little swollen.

So that was my week. Some nice members brought dinner to us during the week. So I am thankful for them.

Anyways, that is it!!!!

I will talk to you guys next week. 

I love you all and hope you have a safe week.

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