Sunday, May 8, 2016

Honduran Pizza

Well, this week was fun as I played emergency dispatcher, and saw some old friends from my last area!

Q.  What goals do you have for the rest of your mission?
A. Spend my studying time in a good way. Setting up a good area for the next guy who is coming. 

Q.  Ankle all better?
A. 85%

Q.  What's been the best thing about your mission?
A. Meeting so many people. People that are a lot smarter, stronger, faithful and loving than I am.

Q.   What will be your first American meal?
A.   Carumba's Cheese Crisp... and Paradise bakery cookies

Q: What time is your church at?
A: 9:00 AM 

Q: Do you have a lot of meetings to go to on Sunday?
A:  Normal  

Q: Should I leave questions for Sunday?
A:  yes

Q.How are you feeling?
A. Great

Q.How is that ankle looking?
A. A little big

Q.What should we have for dinner on Sunday? 
A. Anything - just as mom does not cook

So on Tuesday we had the Zone meeting, and about 15 minutes before we receive a call from President Dester, ¨Hi Elder Coniam, I am about five minutes away from the stake center, we are going to be with your Zone this morning. In which gate should I go to in order to enter¨

So he shows up and all the missionaries sit down and stop talking. I just thought it was funny because they are all new and don't really know President Dester. They thought that they could not  talk or something. President Dester is very relaxed, and likes to make jokes a lot. He is incredibly kind. As well Sister Dester was with him.  They were asking me about my health. 

So he stayed and watched our captication. And then at the end he asked if he could talk a little bit. So he talked about how some elders in the zone were scared because a man was shot outside of the house were they were eating dinner.  Afterwords they went out with the family and started helping him, trying to stop the bleeding. They were scared because one of the elders said that there was a man that was looking at each of them as if he was remembering their faces. So Pres. Dester showed up to tell everyone that everything is okay and that the Lord is always protecting us from danger. He mentioned stories about his brother's mission that I had already heard, and I was hoping he would remember my bus crash story. 

Anyways the next big story would be that we are leaving now. My ankle was not 100% but we left. It just sucks being in the house for a long time. So it was nice to leave the house now. 

I won a vaso in the Pespi promo!!! That was cool!

Friday we did divisions with Chamelecon. I stayed in El Clan and Santa Eduviges. So was a good time. 

Saturday I played emergency dispatcher. We were walking by a convert's house when she had passed out on the front porch. Her friends and husband were standing around her. We helped wake her upl. She was going to have surgery this week for a problem she has, but it came faster than they thought. So they did not have a way to get to the hospital, so we had to call members asking them to help. After a lot of unanswered calls a member showed up to help. 

As well on Saturday we ate at the terminal of buses when I saw chino and his mom walking through there. I went over there to say hi to them, they were the ones that let me talk at their house last Christmas. So that was fun.

And then that was about it... wow I am going to talk to you  guys on Sunday!!!

So i will see you then!!!!

Bye stay safe and I love me very much.

Elder Coniam

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