Sunday, May 22, 2016


There is not much to write about anymore...

I can write about the weird dreams that I am having. All my dreams involve me going home in some way. They have all been kind of funny. And I wake up thinking I am at home.  

One of them I was mad because I did not remember anything from the flight, I was just home. I really like flying so that's why I was mad. The other dream was when I was not able to get all the things I wanted to bring home. 

Q: Do Hondurans say ciao when they are saying good bye?
A: No Never

Q: how was your week? bien?
A: It went well.

Q: Do you really call that a “bridge”?
A: What should I call it?

Q: Are you scared that you might fall in the "river?
A: At first not anymore

Q: What has been your favorite meal for lunch?
A: I enjoy everything,  You all will be so surprised at how much I eat now. Not in terms of size, but as in the things i eat

Q: What did you do when your comp talked to his family?
A: I was with the other elder from our house, and my comp was with his comp.

Q.Guess what I found in the dryer twice now?
A. Gum

Q.How are you?
A. Todo Tranqi 

Well I think that is all. This week went normal. We painted on Saturday to finish family week. And yeah I think that is all.

I will talk to you guys soon!

Love me very much.


Stay safe

Elder Ty Coniam

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