Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 104 - Two Years

Q: Who will cry the most at the airport?
A: Mom or lyssa, with a runner up for dad.

Q: What are your next couple of days like?
A: Tuesday, zone meeting and normal saying goodbye.
    Wednesday- Get on the church bus to go to el banque (the San Pedro stake center) in the morning. Pres and Sis Dester talk about life after the mission. We eat lunch, go to guamalito to buy recurdos. Then dinner and a testimony meting with President Dester and the other missionaries that are leaving. Wednesday night sleep in the APs house, and wake up and we go to the airport.

Q: Who will be the most unchanged when you come home?
A: Dad or mom

Q: What if President Martin can't see you until a week from Thursday and you have to finish your mission as a Phoenix Arizona Mission missionary?
A: With dad as my companion

Q: If you had to describe your mission in one sentence what would you say?
A: Can it be a run-on sentence?

Q: Are you happy you don't have to email us anymore after today?
A: I guess it's okay.

Q: What kind of dog should Brandon and Alyssa get?
A:  Is there a dog breed that is called Honduras street dog. They need homes too, Lyss.

Q: Are you happy you don't have to answer any more ridiculous questions?
A: No. I kinda like them

Q:What kind of pet are we watching for someone that went out of town?
A: Fish

Q: Can you be Brandon's first patient in clinic?
A: I think I have an appointment with Danny... I guess it's okay..

Q: How many pictures of me and Shar are in our apartment?
A: Shar and I. 2

Q: what do you get to do on your pday?!
A: We went to pizza hut with one of my converts to see him one last time before I leave.

Q: what songs did they sing in church yesterday?
A: I don't remember... 

Q:  What did you eat for dinner last night!?
A: Chicken and rice!

Hey everyone.  How is everyone?!

This week has been pretty normal. Thursday I had my last interview with President Dester. It was really nice. He told me I need to read the scriptures and pray daily. He says he knows that it is basic but it is what he was told by his mission president. He hardly talked about marriage.

I was also told that I have an infection in the stomach.  So that's cool. I knew I had to go home sick from this place.

I am not really good at writing last words. All I can say is that I am happy that I have been here for 2 years. I would not say that it goes by fast, but It does not seem like two years. Doing hard things is always a great decision. I have grown in so many unexpected ways and I hope that I can continue growing. I am thankful for all the people I have meet, the friends I have made and the lives I have impacted.  I have had unforgettable experiences, and I hope that I will always remember them. 

Thank you blog fans for all that you have done for me I love you all! hahaaha

Well, so you soon, family! Stay safe!

With all my love, for the last time,
     Elder Tyler Coniam

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Week 104 - Two Years

Q: Who will cry the most at the airport? A: Mom or lyssa, with a runner up for dad. Q: What are your next couple of days like? ...